Your Boyfriend Left You for Another Girl - What to Do to Get Him Back

Published: 28th April 2011
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Your boyfriend left you for another girl. It feels pretty humiliating, doesn't it? Actually that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you're feeling. You're likely very angry, confused, sad and empty. You've been passed over for someone else and left to mend your broken heart all on your own. That's not easy to do. It's even more challenging if you're still in love with the man who dumped you. You've got two choices if you're thrust into a situation like this. Choice number one is to give up and accept that he wants her more than he wants you. Choice number two is to go and take back the man you love. Choice two sounds much better, doesn't it?

Since your boyfriend left you for another girl you're probably about ready to give her a piece of your mind. Most women in your situation feel exactly the same way. They have such anger and resentment towards the other woman. The thing is that she's not the one who made the decision to unceremoniously dump you. Your man did that. Getting angry at his new girlfriend or seeing her as the enemy isn't going to help you in the least. Your guy chose her over you and it's really as simple as that.

You need to use her in your plot to get him back. That sounds heartless but you're not going to do one thing that will be insulting to her. You're simply going to befriend her and him and show that you want to be a supportive friend to both of them. You may find that hard to do given the fact that she's now the girlfriend of the man you adore, but you have to view their relationship as a temporary thing, which it more than likely is.

Establish a new rapport with your ex boyfriend. Call him up and tell him that there are no hard feelings and you only want him to be happy. Suggest that you two meet up and insist that he bring his new girlfriend with him. He may balk at this because he'll be suspicious of your motives. Tell him that you really just want to move on with a clean slate and you're over him. When you do meet with them, be it for lunch or a coffee, be friendly and focus your attention on her. Compliment her and be kind to him. This will ensure that you have an open door for friendship with them both.

From this point forward your plan is all about patience and perseverance. You're going to show your ex that you can be a good friend to him all the while being respectful of his new girl. She'll never feel threatened by you because you'll be continuously asking about her. As their relationship matures and cracks start developing in it, you'll be there to help your ex through it. He'll turn to you for comfort and you'll console him. That will set the stage for you to reclaim him as yours after she's out of the picture.

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