Signs a Guy Has Lost Interest in You - How to Know If He Still Has Feelings For You

Published: 03rd May 2011
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One of the major benefits of being a woman is our level of insight when it comes to relationships. We tend to have an inner pulse on where things stand that men often don't. We can instantly tell if our guy is pulling away or if he's even just had a bad day. However, sometimes our emotions get in the way of that insight and we get a little confused about what is really going on. That's often the case when a man is starting to lose interest. We can sense it but we start to convince ourselves that we're imagining the fact that he seems less attached. If you're experiencing this now, there is a way to know for certain what's going on. There are a few signs a guy has lost interest that will help you gauge exactly where your relationship stands now and where things may be headed.

One of the most noticeable signs a guy has lost interest is he'll just stop calling as much. If a man is crazy about you, you won't be able to keep him at bay. He'll be racing over to see you whenever he has a spare moment or two. He'll clear his calendar for a month if it means he can spend each of those days with you. When that changes and he seems much less excited about making plans or he has suddenly become extra busy at work and has less time, that's never a good sign. If he still cared for you as much as he used to, he'd make every effort to see you.

Another sign that your guy is losing interest is he'll seem more interested in someone else. Some women start to notice that their boyfriend has a new female friend or group of friends. He'll talk about them non-stop and he'll spend as much time as he can with them. If you question your boyfriend about this he'll say they're just friends and you're being overly possessive. You can tell if there's more to it if he is suddenly secretive or the two of you don't go out as much together. If someone else has caught his eye, you're instantly going to be less appealing to him.

Finally, if he becomes more critical of you that's always a sure sign that something has changed for him. What many men will do when they start to lose interest in a woman is they'll make her out to be the bad guy so when a break up does occur, they won't feel as badly. That's why you need to pay special attention if your guy criticizes you more and more often. If he once loved how you left your clothes all over the bedroom and he now says you're messy and unorganized, that's a sign that he's pulling away. It can be easy to miss this so be certain to keep your eyes open for it.

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