Should You Ask Your Ex Boyfriend Out If You Want Him Back? Advice for Women

Published: 13th April 2011
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Should you ask your ex boyfriend out if you want him back? It's a logical question for any woman who still has feelings for her ex to ask. You want to make it clear to him that you're still interested, right? Is the best way to do that to simply call him up and ask him on a date? The short answer is it's not really the best approach for you to take.

You feel the urge to ask your ex boyfriend out because you want to jump right back into a relationship with him. If you do this, you can expect him to refuse your invitation. The difference in how men and women handle break ups is the main reason behind this. You're stuck on the idea of getting him back and so for you the past just isn't all that relevant anymore. You'd love to tuck the pain of the break up and all the bad memories that go with it away forever and just move forward, right? Your ex can't do that. For him, and most men in his situation, the break up is still fresh and he needs a resolution to that before he'll even consider opening his heart back up to you again.

Therefore before you even think of asking your ex out you should consider apologizing to him. Saying sorry may be the last thing on your mind right now but it should be the first thing. He may be holding onto some deep seated resentment that is tied into how things ended between you two. Unless you address that and help him accept that you're sorry for what happened, he'll never consider wanting to be a part of your life again, much less your boyfriend.

You do need to present your apology in such a way that he understands that you've given it some thought and you do have sincere regrets. Think about the events that transpired and what you could have done differently that may have kept the relationship together. Then apologize to him for that. Explain that you're sorry that you did what you did and you've come to see that you did indeed make some mistakes. It's important to be calm and in control when you're telling him you're sorry so that he sees that it's not driven by pure emotion.

Also, consider the idea of a platonic friendship as a stepping stone towards a renewed romantic connection with your ex. If you take this route you will give him a chance to get accustomed to the idea of being close to you without the pressure of feeling like he has to make a decision about whether or not to be your boyfriend right away. It's a wonderful way to reintroduce yourself into his life and his heart.

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