My Capricorn Man Broke Up With Me! How to Win Him Back

Published: 06th April 2011
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"My Capricorn man broke up with me and I still want him," said the woman who wished she could wave a magic wand to get her man back. Wouldn't love be so much simpler if we could do that? It would be wonderful to just place a spell on your man and in an instant he would stay devoted to you forever. Unfortunately life isn't like that at all. Love can be fleeting and at any moment the man you are crazy about may tell you that he's just not that into you anymore. You've essentially got two choices when you're facing this. You can accept his decision and allow him to walk out of your life forever or you can fight back and win back his heart. As challenging as it feels in this moment, there are things you can do to convince the man to come back to you and love you more than he ever has before.

One of the most endearing qualities of Capricorn men is their ability to love endlessly. You need to use that to your advantage as you work towards rebuilding the lost bond with your guy. It's very rare for a man born under this sign to be able to cut off all emotional ties with his woman after the break up. There are many lingering, deep feelings for him and you're going to play on those to get his attention again.

A good start is to establish a new connection with him. As much as you wish you could fall back into being his girlfriend immediately, it's not likely to happen. You have to show your Capricorn boyfriend that you're someone who is interested in him as much more than just a life partner. He wants and needs to see that you can be his friend as well. By working towards a platonic friendship with him you're sending a message that you care for him and want him in your life in whatever capacity you can. He'll feel touched and honored that you want to remain friends with him. Just be careful to not be the type of friend who bombards him with phone calls or messages all day. You need to learn to pace your interactions with him so he senses you're there but not overbearing.

During your break up, it was inevitable that your Capricorn man would have felt some emotional pain. That may have been over the fact that he felt compelled to end things because of a conflict you two were having or perhaps you reacted badly after the break up. Regardless, that hurt is going to impact how he views the future. Show him that he can put his trust in you again by treating him as the treasure that he is to you. Be kind and considerate to him. Apologize if you feel it's warranted and make a promise to yourself that you'll work hard at ensuring you never hurt him in that way again. He needs to feel reassured by that if you want him to open his heart back up to you again.

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