My Boyfriend Wants to Move Out! How to Save Your Relationship

Published: 06th April 2011
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"My boyfriend wants to move out but stay together!" That's a very confusing situation for any woman to be in, isn't it? You adore your guy and now he's telling you that he needs some room or distance. It's horrible. Even though he's assured you that this isn't the end of your relationship you can't help but feel that it is. If you allow him to leave doesn't that essentially mean that you're agreeing to the idea that your relationship is failing? It doesn't necessarily have to be that way. You can actually use this hurdle as a springboard towards positive change for the two of you.

If your boyfriend wants to move out your initial reaction is going to be one of utter panic. Even if he's gently telling you that it's simply a way for him to gather his thoughts and gain some perspective, you're still going to see it as the beginning of the end. You're right. It does signal that his feelings have definitely changed and he wants and needs to create some distance between the two of you. The fact of the matter is that if he still felt as emotionally invested in the relationship as he once did, leaving would be the very last thing on his mind. In fact, he wouldn't even be considering it.

As hard as it seems the best thing you can do right now if you want to preserve the connection that you two do still have is to agree that moving out may be the best thing. Internally you're probably feeling that you need to fight him on this not only because you don't want it but also to show him how much you really do love him. It's important to think beyond that though. Consider the fact that if you agree to a separation you're essentially showing him that you completely respect and honor his needs. You're putting him before you and that's a strong and important statement for you to be making right now.

Some time apart in a relationship can be the magic formula for a couple to truly realize what they have. Your boyfriend may feel that he needs to move out because he's feeling too stressed because of the conflict between you two. In his mind, being apart will afford him the chance to live in peace while he sorts through his feelings. It may actually cause him to feel a lot of different things. The silence and loneliness that will accompany him as he makes this change will weigh heavy on him. He'll start to focus much more on missing you than on the things that drove him away from you in the first place. That may just be enough to get him to pack his things back up again and beg you to take him back.

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