How to Make Him Wish He Never Left You - Stunting Ways to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret the Break Up

Published: 21st April 2011
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Your boyfriend dumped you. There may not have been any warning or perhaps you could feel that things were shifting. Still, when he came to you and said he needed a break or that he wasn't in love with you anymore, you felt devastated. You love him and the break up hasn't changed that. You think about him all the time and you imagine what it would feel like if you could get him to regret dumping you. You can make him wish he never left you. It's possible to get him to feel so much remorse over losing you that he craves to be with you again. It sounds like a dream, doesn't it? The fact is that making a man wish he had you back is as simple as making him experience one feeling that will drive him into such a frenzy that he'll beg for you to come back to him.

In order to make him wish he never left you, you have to make your boyfriend feel the same level of rejection you are experiencing now. We all often underestimate the power of rejection and what it can do to another person. It's what you're feeling right now and it's essentially the driving force behind your desire to get your ex to want you back. He pushed you away and decided that you weren't all that important to him. Your heart is hurt and your ego is bruised so it just makes sense that you want to prove to him that you're someone he really needs.

Using that same emotion to get back at him can work like a charm. If you want to make him wish he never dumped you, reject him too. The easiest way to do this is to drop him out of your life for a time. Start by calling him up and asking how he is. During this call you have to sound your best. You must be calm and in control of what you're feeling. If you dare tell him that you can't live without him, you'll damage your chances of getting him interested in you again. You must focus on showing him that you're thriving and doing well without him. End the call by wishing him well in the future. Once you've done that, stop talking to the man completely.

Taking the step to cut off contact with him is essential. It's also incredibly important that you don't stop living your life at this point. You need to pick up and move forward without missing a beat. If you can show your ex that you're more than capable of living without him, his ego is going to be the bruised one. His need to prove to you that you still love him will be the motivating factor that will make him desire you again. Rejection is a very tough pill for any man to swallow. Make your ex feel it and he'll be tripping over his feet running back to you.

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