How to Make Him Miss You More - How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Published: 21st April 2011
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Love is rarely easy. When you're in the middle of a wonderful and loving relationship with your boyfriend it certainly feels easy. That can change in an instant though if he decides that he wants out. Going through a break up can leave a woman feeling so many things. Confused, angry and rejected are just a few. Beyond that many women feel something unexpected after they've been dumped. They feel a deep and unending sense of longing. Wanting an ex back is something that you may be experiencing right now. Getting him back is usually possible but it does take some careful thought and planning on your part. One effective approach to get him to love you again is to make him miss you more.

Most women are guilty of letting their emotions rule their actions in the days and weeks following a break up. It's hard not to let your heart guide you to say and do certain things. How many of us have called up our ex to tell him that we'll do anything to get him back? Other women take a more dramatic approach and tell their ex that they'll wait forever for him to come back. To us these things seem perfectly acceptable because we view them as incredibly romantic. Men don't view them that way. Romantic to us is usually pathetic to men in the shadow of a break up.

There's a certain simple success that comes with making your ex boyfriend miss you. Men tend to think about women more when those women aren't around as much. If you stop throwing yourself at his feet begging him to take you back, you're going to have a lot more success getting him to be interested in you again.

The psychology behind it is actually very easy to understand. We all carry memories of our past relationships. In those quiet moments when we start to miss someone we tend to think about the good times. Anything bad that may have happened is overshadowed by all the positive thoughts we have about the person in question. If you can become that person to your ex, he'll start to long for you again.

Making him miss you requires nothing more than you keeping your distance. If you can't imagine doing this for a week or more, view it on a day-by-day basis. Wake up tomorrow determined to keep yourself so busy that you don't have time to call or email your ex. The next day do the very same thing. It won't take long before his mind takes over and he starts thinking about you more and more. His not hearing your voice or reading your messages will be the thing that pulls him back to you again.

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